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Frequently Asked Questions

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1Can you give me an estimate before I schedule a service call?Customer Service
2Dishwasher maintenance tipsDishwasher
3Do you guarantee your repairs?Customer Service
4How do I clean my microwave?Microwave
5How often should I clean my lint filter?Dryer
6How often should I clean the coils at the back of my fridge?Refrigerator
7I have questions I would like to discuss on the phone, can you call me?Customer Service
8If I have my appliance repaired, do I still have to pay a service call?Customer Service
9Refrigerator maintennce tips from Accredited ApplianceRefrigerator
10Should I be home during my scheduled appointment time?Customer Service
11Tips for washer maintenanceWasher
12What is a 4-hour window?Customer Service
13What is the optimal temperature for a refrigerator?Refrigerator
14What types of appliances does Accredited Appliance service?Customer Service
15Will my appliance be repaired the same day?Customer Service